About us

Paul and Lori Pirone have the spent the majority of their lives in the Midwest, short of a one year stint in Tanzania, East Africa, where they aided in opening a Children’s Home. They were high school sweethearts and married shortly into their twenties. Paul and Lori have a passion for Christ, a dedication to their family, which includes three daughters, and an embedded entrepreneurial spirit that not only took them to Africa, but also led to the creation of the VERSAskins product.

Paul has been an outdoorsman since the first time his father took him groundhog hunting in northeast Ohio at the age of eight. Paul’s love for the outdoors grew over time and his passion for hunting grew with it. Paul’s career in automotive has supported his family for over 30 years. He pursues both big game and water fowl whenever and wherever he is given the chance. From the rolling hills of Ohio, to the Rocky Mountains of the West, and even as far as the unforgiving bush of Africa, Paul has harvested game.  

Lori is an accomplished mother with raising her and Paul’s three daughters, who are now into their twenties and chasing their own dreams in college and married life. Lori also has a proven track record in the medical field and has served there on and off for over 30 years. Lori also bares the desire for travel and has a deep drive for adventure and seeking new challenges.

Paul and Lori, both grounded in faith, and with a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, lead their family and this company. A company that is: 

Founded on Faith. Built by Family. Designed for the Future.

Paul & LoriPaul & Lori